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BRAIIN’s Robotics division, Raptor300, is a market leading agriculture and analytics services company, providing end-to-end solutions to improve farming productivity

Provides users a dashboard with detailed maps of plantations and actionable insights: 
• Increasing productivity, reduce environmental impacts and lower pesticide or water usage
Offers and fully implements autonomous drone-based crop spraying:
• Improves farming efficiency, productivity and profitability
• Provides significant positive Environmental and Social benefits
The first company globally to be certified in a country to operate fully autonomous aerial robots for crop spraying.
Filed two provisional patents with United States Patent Office that utilises Machine Learning/AI and Robotics for Unmanned Aerial Systems



Immediate and Comprehensive High Definition Aerial Imagery
Invaluable Analysis
• Maps captured from BRAIIN drones are used for analysis, and monitoring of crop harvests.

2D/3D Maps
• Details 2D/3D maps of plantations using data from hyper spectral, multispectral LiDar or thermal sensors.
 • Alerts farmers to any plantation problems (e.g. irrigation issues, natural waste issues, crop problems) or use for estate pre-planning.
Plant and Land Health Scanning
Effective Monitoring of Plant Health
• Scans the entire plantation for plant health, 7-10 days before human eye can identify (hydration issues, insects, herbicides)
• Information can be used to determine how to reallocate plant treatment and when to pick tea, increasing yields

Land Health Optimisation
• Scan of drainage elevation across plantation, providing land data
• Data is used to optimise irrigation, drainage, and pre-planning of estate development (e.g. where to put the next field, make topography changes)
Intelligent BRAIIN Software
Single User Friendly Dashboard
• Single dashboard where user can easily make decisions based on BRAIIN’s actionable insights.

Actionable Insights
• To help farmers identify act on decisions increasing productivity and reducing negative environmental impacts, through lowering pesticide or water usage.
• Includes 3D terrain mapping, real time plant health index, water draining mapping and hazard identification.

Constant AI Learning
• Each Drone runs continually adding to the dataset and further improving the quality of the actionable intelligence and reporting.


Drone based crop spraying
BRAIIN provides customised agriculture drones for crop spraying:
• Fully autonomous agricultural drones covering up to 2 to 3 hectares per hour, carrying 15kgs of chemicals
• Crop spray based on some or all of the insights provided in BRAIIN analytics dashboard
• Custom installation of multi-spectral camera systems including FPV, thermal, and zoom installations
• Quality control and reporting of efficiency metrics, including path flown, plant coverage, and spray utilisation

Customer value
• Efficient spraying of plantation, up to 15x the speed of humans and – less chemical use to treat crops (up to 30% savings)
• UAV’s provide consistent, dependable spraying services at an effective cost well below that of the current backpack-spraying workforce
• Safer than human labour, and without pesticide exposure risk
• GPS tracking and reporting ensures quality control


BRAIIN is a market leading agriculture and analytics services company, providing end-to-end solutions to improve farming productivity using IoTs, Wireless Connectivity, Robotics, Software and AI/ML.


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