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About Us

about us


With offices in 6 countries and over 340 staff, Braiin Limited is committed to the AgTech industry. Our company is a global leader in the Robotics, IoT and SaaS verticals for Agriculture companies. Our passion is to ensure our clients build the farm of the future to improve yield, productivity and profitability through automation and actionable intelligence.

  • Robotics Division
  • IoTs Division
  • Software Division

BRAIIN’s customers & products and services all face into an aggregate $200b market

One of BRAIIN’s target markets alone, agricultural drones, operates in a $32 billion underpenetrated market

Drone services market in agriculture presents $32B opportunity to enhance productivity and safety


Agriculture industry is traditionally underpenetrated for innovation and analytics, particularly in emerging markets

Governments and large-scale commercial farmers are looking to boost agricultural productivity with technology


Increasing acceptance of drones and supportive regulatory environments in many countries

Drone services market size by industry ($ billions)


BRAIIN is a market leading agriculture and analytics services company, providing end-to-end solutions to improve farming productivity using IoTs, Wireless Connectivity, Robotics, Software and AI/ML.


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